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From Imesh Gunaratne <>
Subject Re: Messaging protocol with Stratos python cartridge agent
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2014 14:09:01 GMT
> Based on the above discussion, I guess we need to change the the existing
> Stratos messaging model to support the Pub/Sub model and MQTT protocol.

I think this statement is not correct, currently we use Pub/Sub model in
Stratos messaging system.
AFAIU we are looking at two concerns in this discussion:

1. Using hierarchical topics to avoid using headers.
2. Moving to MQTT from AMQP

Just to be clear, point 1 and point 2 are two different things, we might
not need to move to MQTT to support point 1.

+1 for Paul's suggestions to look at MQTT. It seems to be a very light
weight messaging protocol compared to AMQP [1] however I can see following

1. Unreliable (however can make use of TCP guaranteed delivery and
ordering) [1], [2]
2. Less support for security (SSL can be used, has username/password
support in v3.1 [3])
3. No support for queues (by design, might not be a problem for us now)

On high level, MQTT has been designed for resource-constrained devices and
low bandwidth, high latency networks.



Imesh Gunaratne

Technical Lead, WSO2
Committer & PMC Member, Apache Stratos

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