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From Thanuja Uruththirakodeeswaran <>
Subject Refactoring Metering Service Implementation for Stratos
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2015 05:31:55 GMT
Hi Devs,

I have started to work on $subject. For the metering service,

1. I'm going to use three different streams which are member_lifecycle,
member_info and scaling_decisions as discussed in the review. The streams
will have attributes as mentioned below:

   - member_lifecycle: time_stamp, member_id, cluster_id,
   cluster_instance_id, network_partition_id, partition_id, service_name,
   - member_info: memberId, hostname, hypervisor, cpu, ram, iaas, imageId,
   instance_type, login_port, os_name;os_version, is_os_64bit, scaling_id,
   is_multi_tenant, private_ip, public_ip, allocated_ips
   - scaling_decision: time_stamp, scaling_id, cluster_id,
   min_instance_count, max_instance_count, rif_predicted, rif_threshold,
   rif_required_instances, mc_predicted, mc_threshold, mc_required_instances,
   la_predicted, la_threshold, la_required_instances, required_instance_count,
   active_instance_count, additional_instance_count, scaling_reason

2. Also I'm going to use three publisher classes: DASMemberStatusPublisher,
DASMemberInformationPublisher and DASScalingDecisionPublisher instead of
using a single class (BAMUsageDataPublisher) as shown below: (Here I've
renamed WSO2CEPStatisticsPublisher to ThriftStatisticsPublisher)

3. Instead of reading uname, pwrod form cloud-controller.xml, I'm going to
use das-thrift-client-config.xml file and renaming the existing
thrift-client-config.xml file to cep-thrift-client-config.xml.

Please share your thoughts about this implementation.

Thank you.
Thanuja Uruththirakodeeswaran
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.;

mobile: +94 774363167

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