Hi Thanuja,

The decision to create different types of data publisher based on ThriftStatisticsPublisher is good. In that way, we can create own publishers with different streams as we need. I'm having few concerns on the factory classes here. Why do we need to have different factory classes to create datapublsihers? Also in order to just to create one type of data publisher, do we need to use factory class?


On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 11:01 AM, Thanuja Uruththirakodeeswaran <thanujau@wso2.com> wrote:
Hi Devs,

I have started to work on $subject. For the metering service,

1. I'm going to use three different streams which are member_lifecycle, member_info and scaling_decisions as discussed in the review. The streams will have attributes as mentioned below:
  • member_lifecycle: time_stamp, member_id, cluster_id, cluster_instance_id, network_partition_id, partition_id, service_name, status
  • member_info: memberId, hostname, hypervisor, cpu, ram, iaas, imageId, instance_type, login_port, os_name;os_version, is_os_64bit, scaling_id, is_multi_tenant, private_ip, public_ip, allocated_ips
  • scaling_decision: time_stamp, scaling_id, cluster_id, min_instance_count, max_instance_count, rif_predicted, rif_threshold, rif_required_instances, mc_predicted, mc_threshold, mc_required_instances, la_predicted, la_threshold, la_required_instances, required_instance_count, active_instance_count, additional_instance_count, scaling_reason
2. Also I'm going to use three publisher classes: DASMemberStatusPublisher, DASMemberInformationPublisher and DASScalingDecisionPublisher instead of using a single class (BAMUsageDataPublisher) as shown below: (Here I've renamed WSO2CEPStatisticsPublisher to ThriftStatisticsPublisher)

3. Instead of reading uname, pwrod form cloud-controller.xml, I'm going to use das-thrift-client-config.xml file and renaming the existing thrift-client-config.xml file to cep-thrift-client-config.xml.

Please share your thoughts about this implementation.

Thank you.
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