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From "Ralph Schaer" <>
Subject more bugs
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 13:46:16 GMT

I've found some bugs.
Line 190 and 191 Writes two quote marks but only one needed
 190: StringBuffer results = new StringBuffer("<input type=\"radio\"");
 191: results.append("\" name=\"");
change line 191 : results.apend(" name=\"") solves the problem.

Same error in the source code for checkbox tag
167: StringBuffer results = new StringBuffer("<input type=\"checkbox\"");
168: results.append("\" name=\"");

Documentation tags.html
radio tag

The description about the name attribute says
"Name of this input field, and the name of the corresponding bean property
if value is not specified."
But the value attribute is required. You cannot write the tag without a
value attribute

"The corresponding bean property (if any) must be of type boolean. "
IMHO this is false. The property must be of type String.


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