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From Keith Barron <>
Subject Q re: Cannot load servlet name: action
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 19:33:36 GMT
FYI: I'm using Struts nightly build from 6/6/2000

I'm new . . . here's where I'm at:
I have built and deployed the "Hello, World" sample app that comes w/
Tomcat. I have run the "struts-documentation" and "struts-example".

Now I have taken the "struts-example" and tried to make it my own. I've
copied the relevant source code to my directory structure (etc, lib,
src, web), made changes where appropiate and I get a clean compile. I
added the context to the .../conf/server.xml

When I startup Tomcat, I get:

cannot load servlet name: database
cannot load servlet name: action

I wasn't surprised to see the "database" because I had seen that when I
started up Tomcat after deploying the "struts-example" by copying the
.war files.

Just want to know if the reason why "action" won't load is something
I've missed in my configuration in my setup or is the source that I
downloaded imcomplete. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

In case it matters, after the build, here are the files under
webapp/test1 (the name of my app is test1):







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