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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Can't get it running.
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:21:38 GMT
Kevin Duffey wrote:

> Hi Craig,
> I am not sure if my action.xml syntax is correct:
> <!-- Action Mappings for the STRUTS Example Application -->
> <action-mappings>
>   <!-- Edit user registration -->
>   <action
>     path="/AdminLogin"
>     actionClass=""
>     formAttribute=""
>     formClass=""
>   />
> </action-mappings>
> Notice I just use "" for formAttribute and formClass. I will eventually use
> these to have the autopopulated bean work, but I am unclear as to the syntax
> if this is ok or not. Should I leave them out?

If you are not using them, you should just leave them out.  Otherwise, you are
going to mislead the framework into trying to find a class named "", which of
course it will not be able to do.

> Sadly, you mention looking in the JavaDoc api..yet I dont have any JavaDoc
> API with the download (just got the june 13th one). Do I need to create my
> own javadoc from the source?

The API docs, as well as a bunch of other documentation (user's guide and a
reference for all of the custom tags), is packaged in the
"struts-documentation.war" web application.  Simply deploy this on your servlet
container and access it with a browser.

> On another note, I tried compiling the source several times, and to no avail
> can the compiler seem to get past the javax.parser.SAXParser,
> javax.parser.Document, etc. I don't know why. I have in my compiler
> classpath the xml.jar, parser.jar, xerces.jar. Orion ships with xerces.jar
> and parser.jar. I think parser.jar is the sun parser. We have xml.jar, which
> is also suns xml. Am I missing something? Its only in ActionServlet and
> Digester that I get these errors.

You need to have "jaxp.jar" and "parser.jar" from the JAXP 1.0.1 release on your
compiler classpath, as described on the README file.

I'm not sure that the Xerces version shipped with Orion is JAXP-compatible -- if
not, this could be an area of difficulty in geting them to work together.  If it
is, then you can use Xerces instead of JAXP.  The "xml.jar" file is the old Sun
"Project X" parser that was used, among other things, with Tomcat 3.0 and 3.1.
I haven't tested it explicitly, but I'm pretty sure it's not compatible.

> Thanks.

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