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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Hello everybody
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2000 23:35:05 GMT
"Ajit Joglekar (Mail Lists)" wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to struts. I am already convinced that it is a good framework.
> One thing that is missing in struts is OR mapping support. I have been
> looking for some solution in this area e.g. Village, Town, Castor, CocoBase,
> Opal etc. Can somebody suggest which one will be more suitable for using
> with struts.
> What is the future development path for struts? Sorry, if i have missed
> anything that is already there in the documentation.
> Ajit Joglekar,

Hello Ajit, and welcome!

O-R (object-relational) mapping is certainly one area that would be interesting
to explore.  A related area I've been thinking about is mechanically generating
the source code for an ActionForm bean, based on some XML description of the
bean's properties.  We could start with something generic like IBM's BeanMaker,
but longer term I'm thinking of a tool that is Struts-aware (so that you can ask
it to generate the validate() method or not, for example).

The current short term plans are listed in a TODO file in the top-level
directory of the source distribution.  The biggest single feature on the list is
adding a way to ask a tag like <struts:text> to generate optional JavaScript
code for client-side validation of things like required fields, or fields that
must be a number or a date.  Then, I'd like to get to the point of a 1.0 release
in a few weeks, to give people a stable platform on which to start building apps
(and we would try to minimize future changes that are not backwards compatible).

Craig McClanahan

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