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From Colin Wilson-Salt <>
Subject Re: Struts and Sessions
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 19:31:01 GMT
For sessions, I'd like a framework where I could specify, on a resource by
resource basis, either that no session is required, a session is required and
should pre-exist, or that a session should be created if not already there.

I'd also like to be able to test that the client is accepting cookies before
creating a session, sending the user to an error page if not.

Does anyone have a feel for how hard it would be to make Struts work in a
sessionless way? wrote:

> This is exactly one of the few things I'm still concerned with in Struts.
> We have an application with some 20 000 simultaneous users, and most of
> them really doesn't require a session at all times. I've not measured how
> great the overhead would be, but I suspect that it would be quite some
> additional memory needed in the servire if we were to convert that
> application to Struts (which we will, at one point or another). In our
> "old" framework that we use for that application, we can specify per page
> whether it requires a session or not, and if it does, the "controller"
> servlet (in our framework it's called the "application servlet") creates
> one automatically. Our old framework also supports autnentication - i.e.
> whether the user needs to be authenticated and if so at which level in
> order to access a certain page, and even which page to display based on
> the authentication level. If the user tries to access a page where
> autnentication is required (such as "check out"), the user is taken to a
> login page, and once logged in, the application flow continues from the
> point just before where the user was taken to the login page.
> /Robert
> Colin Wilson-Salt <>
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> 2000-06-25 14:08
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>         Subject:        Struts and Sessions
> Would it be possible to make the use of sessions in Struts optional?
> I'm concerned about the resource overhead if we have a lot of people
> visiting just a
> few pages in our site.
> We already build applications using the same kind of patterns that Struts
> uses, but
> it would be nice to have the benefits of the formalised structure that
> Struts gives.
> On the other hand, does anyone have any evidence that the resource
> overhead of
> sessions is something I shouldn't be concernced about?

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