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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Using struts in Suns J2EE Reference Implementation
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:23:26 GMT
Richard Backhouse wrote:

> Anyone tried using struts in the j2ee reference implementation ?
> I know that the servlet engine is tomcat but I think it is 3.0 level. Will
> this still work with struts ?

The J2EE reference implementation includes a modified version of Tomcat 3.0.

I haven't tried this, but in principle it should work -- unless there were
Tomcat 3.0 bugs that make it fail.

> Also there is the dependency on the jaxp api. I wonder if this may be a
> conflict with the xml parser supplied.

Tomcat 3.1 also uses the old "xml.jar" parser, and I have successfully run
Struts under 3.1 -- so it should not be a problem.

> I did try manually building a war file with the struts components in it but
> the j2ee deploy tool had a problem finding the ActionServlet. Looks like it
> didn't read the struts.jar file correctly. This maybe a bug. It wouldn't be
> the first one I've found with it ;-)

Did you try just deploying the "struts-example.war" file?  That should also
work, and has struts.jar in the right place (under WEB-INF/lib).

> I'm leaning towards uisng the j2ee ri for just the ejb portions of my app
> and using an instance of tomcat 3.1 for the web app. The downside to this is
> making sure that tomcat sets up the correct jndi environment for the action
> beans to find the ejbs. (This is just for a development environment of
> course)

> Richard Backhouse
> Oak Grove Software

Craig McClanahan

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