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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Unable to find setter method for attribute: maxlength (under jdk1.3)
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 17:10:53 GMT
This is a bug in Struts.  I built two setter methods for many of the integer
properties (one taking an int and one taking a String); unfortunately, this
causes the JavaBeans reflection logic in many JVMs to say "there is no setter
method here", instead of finding two of them and picking the one it wants.

Corrections are in progress, and will be in tonight's nightly distribution
build.  (I just got back from a short trip, so haven't been able to address
these issues for a couple of days.)


Jim Moriarty wrote:

> I've just downloaded the most recent builds of Tomcat 3.2dev, servletapi and
> struts am receiving the following error message:
> "Ctx( /struts-example ): JasperException: R( /struts-example + /logon.jsp +
> null) C:\Java\tomcat\webapps\struts-example\logon.jsp(20,6) Unable to find
> setter method for attribute: maxlength"
> when accessing either the logon or registration pages of the example
> appliction. (The above is from the logon.jsp).
> Removing the two references to maxlength in logon.jsp results in this
> error...
> Ctx( /struts-example ): JasperException: R( /struts-example + /logon.jsp +
> null) Unable to compile class for
> JSPC:\Java\tomcat\work\localhost_8080%2Fstruts-example\_0002flogon_0002ejspl
> Undefined variable: _jspx_th_struts_password_3
> _jspx_th_struts_message_29.setParent(_jspx_th_struts_password_3);
> This ONLY occurs under (suns) jdk1.3 - all is fine under 1.2.2 - any ideas
> out there ?
> [The source code seems all fine to me, but I have not built from it - using
> the nightly binary only]
> PS: I'm using Win 2000 workstation
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