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From "Kevin Duffey" <>
Subject Struts and Orion App Server
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 17:13:53 GMT

Just wanted to inform anyone using Orion what seems to be happening. After
talking with Craig and the Orion team and users, a few things have been

First, there is a bug in JDK1.3 with getResource() calls, which Struts uses
to load locale information. So, if you use JDK 1.3 to run Orion (and I would
assume the same problem exists for Tomcat and other engines), you will
consistently be getting a "can't load resource" error in the browser. At
least that is what happens to me.

Second, Struts defaults to /WEB-INF/action.xml to load the action.xml config
file. Apparently, this is not allowed per Servlet 2.2 app can not
access the WEB-INF dir, only the server can. I don't know how valid this is,
but as soon as I moved action.xml to my /www folder, and in my
WEB-INF/web.xml file set the init attribute of config to use /action.xml
(instead of /WEB-INF/action.xml) everything worked.

On that note..Craig, it is now working. As long as I use JDK 1.2.2, and put
action.xml in /www, it seems to work. I sent a form to an action, and it is
indeed getting the request.

Now, I assume we wait for a JDK1.3.1 patch or something and hope they fix
this problem. As for the /WEB-INF access, I am not sure why this happens.
Craig, maybe you can look into this and see why Tomcat allows this but Orion
doesn't. Without starting a war between the two products, supposedly Tomcat
is not in full compliance if it allows WEB-INF access from a deployed
application..this has been not allowed because of security issues. I'd love
to hear about this.


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