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From "Kevin Duffey" <>
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 18:56:11 GMT
I don't think there is anything yet on how to use it. Most of us that know
how is probably because we have talked about in the jsp-interest mailing
list for quite some time. I just got it yesterday and haven't had time to
play with it yet myself. It definitely looks better than what I have thus

Craig, my only question thus it possible to have an action return
more than GOOD/BAD responses (I think you name them success/fail). I would
like to possibly forward to one of many JSP pages from an action based on a
conditional logic result. For example, my login action needs to forward to
one of four different pages. Can you possibly explain how I might be able to
add multiple results and get it to work?


> I have started a new web application project and I want to use the struts
> framework, but I am unsure as to a few things.
> I am wondering how to use the struts ActionServlet as a template
> for my own
> controller servlet.
> What I would like to do is use the struts ActionServlet as template for my
> own controller servlet in my own web application.   Also, I am
> unsure as to
> how to use the struts framework properly.  Is there a really
> rough 'getting
> started using struts as a framework for your own application' existing?

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