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From "Kevin Duffey" <>
Subject Struts--question about bean/form name.
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 06:09:14 GMT

is there any way in each of my action perform() methods to get the "name" of
the bean that was set in the action.xml, so that I can use that String name
for various purposes? For example, we don't use EJB yet, so we separate our
logic into "logic_session" classes. These session classes are stored in the
HttpSession, with a reference to our bean, and I would like to store them by
using the name of the bean (form passed in) and appending "Session" to that
name. In the JSP page I have to hardcode it though..which means I still have
to change the bean name in two places..if I change it for any reason.


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