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From "Kevin Duffey" <>
Subject RE: Can't get it running.
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:17:07 GMT
Hi Craig,

I am not sure if my action.xml syntax is correct:

<!-- Action Mappings for the STRUTS Example Application -->


  <!-- Edit user registration -->


Notice I just use "" for formAttribute and formClass. I will eventually use
these to have the autopopulated bean work, but I am unclear as to the syntax
if this is ok or not. Should I leave them out?

Sadly, you mention looking in the JavaDoc api..yet I dont have any JavaDoc
API with the download (just got the june 13th one). Do I need to create my
own javadoc from the source?

On another note, I tried compiling the source several times, and to no avail
can the compiler seem to get past the javax.parser.SAXParser,
javax.parser.Document, etc. I don't know why. I have in my compiler
classpath the xml.jar, parser.jar, xerces.jar. Orion ships with xerces.jar
and parser.jar. I think parser.jar is the sun parser. We have xml.jar, which
is also suns xml. Am I missing something? Its only in ActionServlet and
Digester that I get these errors.


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