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From "R.J. Balahura" <>
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 01:12:08 GMT
Thank-you very much, I will check that.

I have another question which may or may not be appropriate for this
mailing list.  If anyone has any comments, I would really appreciate them.

1.  I was reading the Pet Store Sample Application given by Sun and for
internationalized presentation they seem to use a   template.jsp with a
ScreenDefinition.jsp to fill in the title and body of each page and which
is controlled by a ScreenFlowManager Bean. Is this an approach that has

2.  I was more interested in the latter technique for separating content
from presentation than for internationalization.  Are there any
architectures that people have used with Struts to help separate content
from presentation so, say for instance all content can be created in xml
documents by our content provider.

3.  Cocoon seems to replace jsp's altogether because xsl/xml are creating
the presentation layer.  Is there any way that Cocoon can be used while
keeping the the J2EE architecture?

4.  This question is a little foggy but I will try.  In the Pet Store
Sample Application, they use Data Access Objects.  I have always believed
that entity enterprise java beans were enough, and I don't quite
understand why Data Access Objects are required and how entity enterprise
java beans can access them?

Thank-you in advance,


On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> Robert Balahura wrote:
> > Hi develoepers,
> >
> > I have started a new web application project and I want to use the struts
> > framework, but I am unsure as to a few things.
> >
> Great!  Welcome.
> >
> > What I would like to do is use the struts ActionServlet as template for my
> > own controller servlet in my own web application.   Also, I am unsure as to
> > how to use the struts framework properly.  Is there a really rough 'getting
> > started using struts as a framework for your own application' existing?
> >
> The ActionServlet is designed to be used either as it stands, or you can
> subclass it if you need to add additional functionality to the
> controller
> itself.
> The user documentation is in directory "struts/web/documentation", and
> it is
> structured as a web application that can be copied into a servlet
> container
> like Tomcat for display.  Similarly, the "struts/web/example" directory
> contains the beginnings of an example application that directly uses the
> features of the framework.
> As of tonight's build, these are going to be repackaged as standard "web
> application archive" files that can be dropped into your servlet
> container.
> >
> > If I can learn how to use the framework, I would be happy to write the
> > guide.
> >
> I would welcome improvements to the documentation (and the software).
> >
> > Thanks for any assistance,
> >
> > Rob
> Craig McClanahan

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