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From "Daniel Repik" <>
Subject Re: Problems Loading Action mapping
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 13:16:41 GMT
And now page 2.  Hit the wrong key and the mail was on it's way.

Anyway with the javax.xml class the Digester calls;

getParser().setEntityResolver( this ) ;

But with the org.xml.sax parser this code needs to be;

getParser().setDocumentHandler( this ) ;
getParser().setEntiryResolver( this ) ;
getParser().setDTDHandler( this ) ;

Once I made those changes everything works swell.  I have been studying the org.apache.struts.digester
package.  It's a nice design and I like how it facilitates the transfer from java objects
to xml and back.  

Dan Repik


On Sat, 08 Jul 2000 21:46:35  
 Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
>Are you trying to run Struts with Tomcat+Apache?  If so, there are some extra configuration
steps you must follow to make Apache recognize the "*.do" mapping for the controller servlet.
 These steps are documented in a new
>INSTALL document which will be included in tonight's nightly distribution build of Struts
(dated 20000709).
>Craig McClanahan
>Daniel Repik wrote:
>> I having some problems running the struts example, inaddition to a home grown application.
 The error that I get back from the browser is Error: 400 Location /struts/
invalid path.
>> I have checked that when Tomcat loads the ActionServlet for the struts container
it is loading the Action.xml file.  However although the file is being read it doesn't seem
to create any mappings for the ActionServlet to use.
>> Any hints or suggestions as to why I am seeing this behavior would be appreciated.
>> Dan Repik
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