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From Hans Gerwitz <>
Subject Documentation bug :-)
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 15:04:43 GMT
Now that I've finished making a fool of myself posting to the wrong list...

In users_guide.html, section 3.3.0, the first JSP form element example does
not use HTML entities to represent the < and > of all of the tags, making
the tag look very simple, while the intention is to show how confusing it
is!  At least in IE5/Mac.

While I'm posting here, Struts is remarkably similar to our
internally-developed framework, with some notable design differences,
particularly in form handling.  Is this an appropriate forum to discuss
these issue (read: pick Craig's brain)... and in any event, are there any
more suitable forums?  Most of my gems of wisdom have been gathered from the
early days of various support lists (JServ, GNUJSP, Tomcat), which seems a

Hans Gerwitz

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