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From "Robert Edgar" <>
Subject A suggestion on internationalization
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2000 08:46:19 GMT
It would be really nice to build in an option to use an algorythm something
like Jason Hunters LocaleNegotiator for determining the Locale rather than a
session attribute ie driven by the accept-languages header.

I know some sites dont do it this way and use cookies or session attributes
instead but some (a few :-(( ) of us do and (IMHO) this is the correct way
to do it, and it would be nice to have the option especially as someone has
already written the code :-) .

Maybe driven by a param in web.xml, also needs a param to allow it to ignore
the charset map and use utf-8 (for those of us who want to use utf-8 instead
of things like BIG5 or GB2312 ).

In the mean time I believe I can subclass the action servlet and pre process
the request and set the session attribute on each call?


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