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From Malcolm Ferguson <>
Subject Problems with the example app - Digester can't parse the database .xml file
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 21:54:38 GMT
I'm just getting started with struts, I'm using the 0.5 milestone build with
Resin + PWS on NT workstation. I'm trying to get the 'example' application
working, my logs show an exception being thrown in the init() method of
DatabaseServlet (which is called by a load-on-startup directive). After
poking around a little I discovered that the call digester.parse(bis) on
line 280 (of DatabaseServlet) is where the exception originates. I checked
the number of available bytes from the input stream and they match the file
size. Has anyone else run into this? If I don't have to switch from the
binaries I'd rather not. 

Incidentally, is there an archive for this list?

Mac Ferguson,
Senior Developer,
NKaos Interactive Media (,
579 Richmond Street West, Suite 400
Toronto, ON
M5V 1Y6
(Phone) (416)504.8931 x316
(Fax) (416)504.8472 

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