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From Mats Josefsson <>
Subject Re: HTML editors and custom tags
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 06:13:59 GMT
Robert Leland wrote:
> What I have in mind is telling the editor that
> for example <struts:form ..../> is really like HTML <form .../>
> Is this what XLS or XHTML are ???

I know you can teach Dreamweaver 3 (Ultradev?) to handle your custom
tag libraries. I have seen it done for other tag libraries. You just
drag-n-drop your tags from a palette and use a property sheet to fill
in the parameters. 

It would be really cool if someone could make a Dreamweaver extension
to make it handle struts tags. We have thought of doing it ourselves
at some point, but right now we don't have the resources. It would be
a really good "selling point" for struts if we had this support.

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