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From Mike La Budde <>
Subject struts-config.xml problem/question (please help!)
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 18:45:07 GMT
I''m in the process of converting from a home-grown Model-2 architecture to 
the struts framework. In my ActionServlet config file I used to just 
specify the name of the PATH and the FORWARD without having to fully 
qualify either relative to the context's root directory.

For example, here's the directory structure (starting at 
../webapps/mycontext/) :

- pages
- - - - - - /inventory
- - - - - - /orders

And here's a snippet from my new config file:

    <!-- Inventory Actions -->
    <action path="/pages/inventory/InventoryActionSearchPage"
name="success"             path="/pages/inventory/inventorySearch.jsp"/>

    <action path="/pages/inventory/InventoryActionListPage"
name="success"             path="/pages/inventory/inventoryList.jsp"/>

    <action path="InventoryActionViewPage"
name="success"             path="/pages/inventory/inventoryRow.jsp"/>

My question is: Why do I have to specify full path locations to everything? 
How are others doing this? Of course, keeping everything in the context's 
root would eliminate this problem (while creating a new one)....



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