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From "Vandana Gupta/Raleigh/IBM" <>
Subject Re: Problem using iterate instead of enumerate
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 14:17:51 GMT
It is for logic:iterate.. I had used it for that.. guess forgot to remove
with normal iterate.. but didn't get any complains. Thanks for pointing
that out.

I tried again after removing the type attribute. now I get the following
exception :

No getter method available for property name for bean under name myObj


Hi Vandana,
I noticed that "type" is not an attribute of iterate tag.

"Vandana Gupta/Raleigh/IBM" <> on 10/10/2000 06:07:07 AM

Please respond to


 cc:      (bcc: Amir Iqbal/Singapore/Netlife)

 Subject: Problem using iterate instead of enumerate


I am trying to use iterate tag as follows

 <struts:iterate id="myObj" name="myList" type="mypackage.MyObject>
            <struts:htmlProperty name="myObj" property="name"/>
            <struts:htmlProperty name="myObj" property="parent"/>

"myList" extends Hashtable and contains a collection of "myObject". The
above code worked fine with enumerate. But when I try to use iterate, I get
the following error :

Attribute myObj has no value

I tried replacing the enumerate in registeration.jsp of struts-example with
iterate and it worked fine there. The only difference is that in
struts-example, an array of subscriptions is returned while I am using a
Hashtable. The documentation says iterate works with hashtables... I tried
this with struts_logic: iterate as well and I get the same error.

Any pointers on what I could be missing?


(See attached file: att1.eml)

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