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From Joel Schneider <>
Subject Re: Problems with the example app - Digester can't parse the database .xml file
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 22:19:21 GMT
A web-based mailing list archive is hosted at:

In addition, the ezmlm program that serves this list recognizes a few
archive inquiry commands.

As for your actual problem, perhaps it may have something to do with the
revision levels of your pre-requisite software packages (JDK, servlet
container, XML parser, Xalan XSLT processor) -- ?  However, if it turns
out to be a bona fide bug in Struts 0.5, you may want to report it to
the BugRat:


On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Malcolm Ferguson wrote:
> I'm just getting started with struts, I'm using the 0.5 milestone build with
> Resin + PWS on NT workstation. I'm trying to get the 'example' application
> working, my logs show an exception being thrown in the init() method of
> DatabaseServlet (which is called by a load-on-startup directive). After
> poking around a little I discovered that the call digester.parse(bis) on
> line 280 (of DatabaseServlet) is where the exception originates. I checked
> the number of available bytes from the input stream and they match the file
> size. Has anyone else run into this? If I don't have to switch from the
> binaries I'd rather not. 
> Incidentally, is there an archive for this list?
> Thanks
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