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From Pierre Métras <>
Subject Re: Can't obtain quote characters from struts message file
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 14:19:53 GMT
Hi Jean-Pierre,

At least we are two on Earth with this behavior, so I can consider it

Neither the javadoc on Properties nor PropertyResourceBundle cite that you
must double the quote character to have it retrieved from a file (ie
displayed on the HTML).
The PropertyResourceBundle even have an example where a quote appears:
    s4=Der disk '{1}' a {0} a {2}.
and it's not doubled.

And you can try as I did to store and load a Property file and see that in
that case, single quotes work...

Well, I have a solution. I can now focus on more important bugs.

Pierre Métras

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From: "Jean-Pierre Schnyder" <jps@INSER.CH>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2000 3:41 AM
Subject: RE: Can't obtain quote characters from struts message file

In all the .properties files I use for handling internationalization in Java
with RessourceBundle's, like in file for
example, I always double the quote character, otherwise, the quote is not
displayed to the user. Here's an example, if this is not clear: data0001 =
Enregistrement pour l''ID {0} non trouvé dans la base de données !

The need to double the quote is not a bug I think and is not related in any
manner to STRUTS. It's the way it works in the world of Java !


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From: Pierre Métras []
Sent: mercredi, 1. novembre 2000 22:54
Subject: Can't obtain quote characters from struts message file


I posted this problem one month ago but I've only found a strange solution.
Are other having such a behavior?

My tomcat+struts web application reads message tag strings from a property
file. In the default message file, that contains French sentences for the
moment, when the messages contains quotes ( ' ), these quotes disapear on
the HTML page. I traced the problem to the function reading the messages
from the property file.

For instance, "l'émission" is read as "lémission". I have tried to escape
the quote as in "l\'émission", according to the Properties class
documentation. I even run native2ascii on the property file and all
accentuated characters have been translated to Unicode escape, but the
problem still persist.
I created a test property file and stored it to disk, and the property are
really stored as the would do:
without any escape for the quote. When I read the property file from the
test program, I obtain the expected result. But that's not the behavior I
have in the web application...

As a last test, I tried to double the quote as in "l''émission" (that's two
quotes, and not a double-quote). And then it worked! I have "l'émission" on
the displayed HTML page.

Can someone explain this?

Pierre Métras

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