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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: EJBs with STRUTS
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 20:02:41 GMT
Joe Peer wrote:

> hi kevin,
> may i ask you a few questions:
> > I'm using Struts with EJB in our project. The application is required to
> be
> > configurable at runtime, ie. navigation and jsp content can be altered
> while
> > the server(s) are running.
> if you add a new Action/ActionForm class and/or if you add a new Mapping in
> action.xml - do you need to restart or not? (i haven't tried yet)

Yes, you will need to restart if you modify action.xml.

Struts 1.0 will include a number of "standard" actions that you can configure
if you choose to -- among them an action to add a new mapping on the fly.
Obviously, you will want to protect such actions with some sort of security
protections (or disable them when you deploy for production).

> > 1. EJB tier is served by Weblogic
> > 2. Web tier is hosted by Orion Server, running Struts
> > 3. A lookup service (Session EJB) connects Strtus with EJBs
> which advantages/disadvantages does the coexistence of weblogic and
> orionserver cause?

One advantage of coexistence is that references to EJBs are now in the same VM
as your web components, which should generally be much faster than when the EJB
server is accessed through the network.

> thanks!
> joe peer

Craig McClanahan

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