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From "Halverson, Peter" <>
Subject RE: EJBs with STRUTS
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 20:33:18 GMT

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> Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 2:07 PM
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> Subject: RE: EJBs with STRUTS
> Sorry to be dense, but...  What is <load-on-startup> ?  I 
> didn't see it
> mentioned in the docs anywhere.
> Thanks
> --Eric
The servlet 2.2 spec defines an option in the deployment descriptor called
<load-on-startup> that forces a servlet instance to be created and
initialized when the application context is initialized, vs. when the first
servlet request is made.  The ActionServlet in struts does a lot of
initialization that other parts of the system (e.g. the various JSP tags)
depend on, and is thus set to load on start. (I believe this use of servlet
side effects for application-wide initialization to be a design flaw of
struts, but there may not have been much choice in the current Servlet

While weblogic claims to support servlets 2.2, including the web deployment
descriptor syntax, they explicitly do not support <load-on-startup>.  That
means you need to resort to other trickery to initialize the servlet, like
weblogic-specific glue code (or, as I'm doing for now, avoid making any
struts calls until after the first request has been made).


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