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From "Martin Duffy" <>
Subject Re: Dreamweaver TagLib
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 08:47:23 GMT

I appreciate your quick response. We are evaluating extending Ultradev4 for
Struts ourselves as well. I would say that we are about 99% sure that we are
going to do it. I would really appreciate seeeing the alpha work that you
have when it is available. I think that we could make a contribution as
well. We are looking at making Server behaviors for the MVC portion of
Struts and possibly adding the taglibs as components with wizards. I saw
that there was another group (Compuware in Holland) that is looking at the
Taglib part. I was also thinking about contacting them as well to see if we
might all work together on this.

I think that I understand the htm file now. It is not an extension. Because
an extension would have to be installed using the extension manager and they
have mxp file extensions. I need to do a little research on how it is
installed in Dreamweaver.

I would also like to thank you for the great collection of Struts info on
your website. It is a real help in getting all of the right information
together for getting started with Struts.

Would you mind if I contacted you directly about the Dreamweaver/UltraDev4
extensions for Struts? I do not know if this forum would be appropriate or
not for discussing Struts extensions for UltraDev4.


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From: "Ted Husted" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2001 7:28 PM
Subject: Re: Dreamweaver TagLib

> I picked it up from another posting, and to be honest, I'm not sure how
> to use it either ;0
> I'm working on an extensions of my own now. Let me know if you're
> interested in an alpha. This let's you use  Struts tags within
> Dreamweaver as if they were standard HTML tags.
> Dreamweaver doesn't seem to read TLD's directly. It has its own
> extension system -- that also works with ColdFusion, ASP, and whatever
> else.
> Martin Duffy wrote:
> >
> > I guess that this may be off topic but.....
> >
> > I saw the DreamWeaver Struts taglib(?) on Ted Husted's site. Are there
> > instructions for using it? It looks to me like it is some sort of
> > pre-processor? I do not understand how to use it. I thought that taglibs
> > were TLD's?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Martin

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