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From "Martin J. La Jeunesse" <>
Subject Struggling with select/options
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 01:42:39 GMT
The examples I've seen using <html:options name="someBean"
property="someProperty" /> all seem to reference a collection defined in the
same jsp as the options tag. Could someone provide a rookie with an example
where the collection bean is not defined in the same jsp, but rather by, say
an action servlet or an application bean? For example, say I've got a User
bean with a Vector of ints called Accounts. I'd like to display those
accounts in a list-box - ultimately I'd like to display an associated name
and use the int as the option value. I know that I can use labelName and
labelProperty for this, but I haven't gotten the first part working yet.
I'm able to get <html:options collection= working, but I'm stumped on the
other options mode. Most of the ways I've tried it result in class cast
exceptions during the jsp compile.
thank you,
Marty La Jeunesse

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