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From "bram" <>
Subject Re: Dreamweaver TagLib
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 17:04:55 GMT
if you make a dir in
    Macromedia\Dreamweaver UltraDev\Configuration\Objects
eg "Struts", you get in your object window a new panal called "Struts"
then you have to make your "tool buttons" like in the other dirs (copying
the Forms dir works is the easyest..)

change the sources so they generate the right codes(struts custom tags)..
I don't yet know how to make that property window, but it is'n hard, (done
it before, but forgot it...)
the translator kicks in for displaying the "content", translates the
"source" into a temporary html file for your main view..

the hardest part is to make datasources work, I could make the basics,
(object-window, property window, enz )
and make one "extension" fore the extension manager so everyone could easely
install it..( have to check the differences between version 3(dreamweaver,
ultradev 3) and 4(dreamweaver, ultradev 4) ....

Should be cool, fully integrated with ultradev you could go to the server to
get some data for every custom tag, layout is yust "click and drag" work....
the only thing is how to display "optional" html/jsp like the content of the
logic tags...

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From: "Ted Husted" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: Dreamweaver TagLib

> Well, that's pretty cool. In the script, I renamed struts: to html:
> (since they seemed to be the HTML tags), and it started to display my
> form fields as, well, form fields.
> With what I was doing before, with Objects and ThirdPartyTages, it was
> only showing markers.
> Still trying to get my head around how all these customizations fit
> together.
> -Ted.
> Thierry Cools wrote:
> Actually, it is more a tag translator than a tag lib.
> This means that every time you'll type a struts tag in the editor it
> will be translated in visual mode.
> To use it, simply copy the .htm file in the
> %ULTRADEV_HOME%\configuration\translator directory.
> Please keep in mind, that it was a prototype developed for the 0.5
> version and it will need some modifications for the 1.0 version.

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