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From Jens Rehpöhler <>
Subject Re: Why should you call JSP pages directly?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 13:31:51 GMT
Hello Craig,

"Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:

> * What about bookmarks?  You have to be ready for the fact that users
>   are going to *try* this, even if you do not want them to.  Alternatives have
>   been presented to protect JSP pages from this kind of access.

I think with a clean design you can even allow bookmarking of your actions (*.do), though
it could make things much more complicated :-)

> * If you are switching from one view to another view (with no model manipulation),
>   I cannot see that much difficulty in linking from one JSP page directly to
>   another, but this is not particularly common.

This is a really good example, which answers my question. But should you really allow this,
if you think about the problems of bookmarking pages
as you mentioned above? All in all it seems to be a kind of philosophy if you use links to
your JSPs or not.

I will stay at my "restrictive" use of the MVC pattern and will not use direct links to the
JSP's of the web application. One advantage is, that
you can easily change the pages to forward to in the struts-config.xml or dynamically in the
perform() method without changing any links in your
application, and the bookmarks a user had set can't get broken by changing the JSP.


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