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From "Peter Doyle" <>
Subject Scalability of Struts
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:29:46 GMT
 I have searched long an hard for information on Struts relating to
scalability, performance and limitations. I have not found any information
on this, am I looking in all the wrong places?

Has a Struts system been deployed to cater for 100+ simultaneous users?
(Does this go back to the servlet container and its treading of the
controller servlet?)
Would you recommend Struts for mission critical applications?
What are the negative aspects of Struts?
When will Struts reach Version 1 and be considered stable and production
What is its expected end of life?
Struts provides classes to help with database access and pooling, what about
connecting to EJB using RMI for database connectivity? Is this a non-issue?

Thanks for your interest,

Peter Doyle                      TEO Media Ireland
Ph +353 1 888 1353              Fx +353 1 888 1354
Unit 8 Scotch Berth, North Wall, Dublin 1, Ireland

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