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From "malcolm davis" <>
Subject RE: using struts on iplanet
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 04:31:48 GMT
GX2GX means it could not find the servlet in LDAP or registry.

Doing a servlet registration is non-trival with iPlanet.
You need to use the iPlanet deployment tool.

 >>-----Original Message-----
 >>From: Fred Lo []
 >>Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 9:32 AM
 >>Subject: using struts on iplanet
 >>Anyone have experience with iplanet 6.0 sp2 and struts?
 >>I am trying the struts-test.war application. I could load the 
 >>jsp without 
 >>problem, but it seems whenever an servlet is called upon it
 >>will report:
 >>GX Error (GX2GX)
 >>socket reuslt code missing!!!
 >>With the following in the log file:
 >>[02/Mar/2001 00:20:28:6] warning: UTIL-013: GXGUID: NameTrans 
 >>lookup failed 
 >>(Applogic Servlet
 >>Anyone could shed some light on me?
 >>I suspect it's some sort of deployment problem but what i did was
 >>just create the .ear from the .war and deploy (using the GUI deployment
 >>tools). Did I miss anything?
 >>Thanks in advance
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