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From "Abraham Kang" <>
Subject RE: 2 Problems
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 18:46:35 GMT
Hi Yogesh,

    It looks like you need the TOKEN functionality.  I don't know if the
token functionality is available in 0.5.  You will need to look at the
source code for the saveToken( request ) method.  You might be able to mimic
the functionality in 0.5 by rebuilding the code.

You will need an action object to call saveToken( ) before displaying the
form.  The in the Action object that does the actual insert you will need to
call isTokenValid( request ) to see if you should perform the update.  If
the token is valid call resetToken(request) and do you insert.  If the user
tries to submit again the isTokenValid(request) will return false.

Hope This Helps,
  -----Original Message-----
  From: yogesh kapoor []
  Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 9:39 AM
  Subject: 2 Problems

  Hi All,

                 I am using struts framework(release 0.5) for developing my
web application(with Jrun-3.0 and Netscape Enterprise Server-3.6). I am
facing 2 problems and hape that some one out there would definetly have
answers to are they.....

  1)Just like we use actionbase and actionform beans in struts , i am also
using one 'Open Actionbase Bean' and one 'Save Actionbase Bean' to open and
save my forms. While saving the form using 'Save Actionbase Bean' i call
'Open Actionbase Bean' from within the 'Save Actionbase Bean' to show the
inserted/updated  form back to the user. But now after saving the form and
displaying it back, if i do a reload of the page, the insert and update
operation get performed again(which should not happen). So i have inserted a
new record and do the reload then a duplicate record gets inserted into my
table.How can i avoid this to happen?

  2)I am using a customized jdbc api, which allows only one resultset and
one statement object per connection object.I have a page(with two frames)
where i accept some search criteria from the user(on the top frame) , do the
search in the database and display the list of records found in bottom
frame.But the problerm occurs when the user hits the search button multiple
times , as in that case i receive an exception because my api allows only
one resultset object open .I am making the database call in an Actionbase
Bean. But i am not able to figure out that when a user hits the
search(submit) button multiple times(say twice) how much my first request
had progressed before getting terminated. Can i find this in any way , so
that i can close my JDBC objetcs before the next request starts executing.

  Thanks in advance,



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