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From "Stefan Seidel" <>
Subject removing request parameters before action forward
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 11:47:01 GMT
Hello to all,

I don't know how to remove request parameters just before leaving a
perform(...) method.

1) Is this a bad practice or wrong design?
2) if not, how can I do this?

What I'am trying to do:

A jsp page displays some items. If one clicks an item, the same page shows
again with an incremented item count.

The <html:link...>-tag includes the item id as an url parameter. The perform
method of the action class looks for this url parameter, increments the
corresponding item count in the action form and forwards back to the jsp

Everything works fine, but the url parameter (the complete url) is also
forwarded to the jsp page. Sometimes this doesn't matter (or even should be
like that), but in this case, pushing the reload button increments the item
count again.

Could anyone give me a hint or even a solution?

Thank You

PS: I feel this was asked before, but I could not locate similar questions
in the archive. Sorry.

Stefan Seidel

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