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Subject RE: Iterate certain number of times?
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 16:48:06 GMT

Does anyone know if any of the other taglibs provides a for loop?

Dave on 04/30/2001 01:27:07 PM

Please respond to

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Subject:  RE: Iterate certain number of times?

Hey that's pretty cool.  I got it working in about 10 minutes.  One question
though.  I had to move my iterate bean from Request to Session scope.  Is there
any way to keep it at the request level?

Donnie Hall

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There's a good pager taglib at I've used it in a struts app and
does the job quite well when embedded in the iterate tags.

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Hope it helps,

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Subject: Iterate certain number of times?


Am wanting to iterate a certain number of times, based on a value in my form
bean, to create a set of page links for the number of pages the user can
(similar to at the bottom of most search engine results).

How do I do this with Struts?  Obviously I am not iterating over a
But surely it is possible - what am I missing?

Many thanks,


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