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From "Tewathia, Atul" <>
Subject RE: Reducing the burden on ActionServlet.
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 13:51:25 GMT
As far as I can recall the struts-config.xml file is loaded and parsed in
the initMappings() method of ActionServlet. Can we really have more than one
configuration file in our application.

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From: Jason Chaffee []
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2001 10:35 AM
Subject: Re: Reducing the burden on ActionServlet.

One of the benefits of using servlets is their ability to spawn threads
instead of creating a process each time.  I don't think you are going to
have to worry about the load on the servlet, the problem would be with the
load on the server and you can do some type of load balancing and clustering
for that.  As for the managing of one config file, I would suggest extending
the ActionServlet to load multiple files, that is if you have some way to
logically group the different files, this is a technique that I use and it
works quite well.  We have multiple "projects" in our web app and each
project has its own config file.  I hope this helps. 

"Tewathia, Atul" wrote: 


In our project we have more than one hundred jsp (each having an average of
2 or 3 forms )and we have already decided to use struts as our framework.
Now the dilema :- We found that managing such a large number of jsp from a
single stuts-config.xml file will be a huge  burden. Plus, it seems the
ActionServlet will be hard pressed always, as a controller. Considering both
these facts we realize that there should be a mechanism to share the load of
servlet through some way. Though this can be achieved by using more than one
servlet , we don't want to use this solution because it is highlt complex
considering the projects interwoven functional requirements. 
Is there some way by which we can accomplish an efficient way to manage a
large number of jsp files and to increase the performance by reducing load
on the servlet. 

Thanking in advance.

Jason Chaffee 
Software Engineer 
MetaTV Inc. 
Phone:(415) 289-8516 

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