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From "Turgay Zengin" <>
Subject RE: How do you use indexed properties with html:input?
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I put my bean in session scope when I create it in an action class:

OracleConnBean dbconn=null;
dbconn = (OracleConnBean)session.getAttribute("dbconnection");
if(dbconn == null) {
    dbconn = new OracleConnBean();
    session.setAttribute("dbconnection", dbconn);

Then, I can access the object from my jsp pages without using jsp:useBean.

I am not exactly sure because I am not very much experienced with 
jsp/servlets, but this may be the reason for those 3 beans created. By the 
way, how did you find that out? How do you debug? (This may be a more 
general question as what is the best way to debug jsp/servlets? I don't 
debug yet, but I want to. I am using Forte CE. I heard about debugging in 
Tomcat using IBM VAJ, do I need to get that?)

When you don't use jsp:useBean, you better use the "type" attribute in your 
iterate tag, to get the correct object type:

<struts_logic:iterate id="element" name="testGridForm" property="data"
type="type_of_your_data_element" >


From: Richard Murray
Subject: RE: How do you use indexed properties with html:input?
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 02:44:02 -0700



I made the following changes in my Action class and got my save to work.

HttpSession session = request.getSession();
TestGridForm testGridForm = (TestGridForm)session.getAttribute(
"testGridForm" );

However, while trying to debug my problem I found I get 3 ActionForm Beans
created when I only expected 1.

In my jsp I have the following:

<jsp:useBean id="testGridForm" class="com.qspgroup.utc.TestGridForm"
scope="session" />

I have added scope="session to the logic:iterate tag e.g.
<struts_logic:iterate id="element" name="testGridForm" property="data"
scope="session" >

On the page where I display the results I also have:
<jsp:useBean id="testGridForm" class="com.qspgroup.utc.TestGridForm"
scope="session" />

I expected all the above to refer to the session scoped bean "testGridForm",
so why are 3 beans created?


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