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From "Kyle Brown" <>
Subject Re: Struts and VisualAge 3.5.3 with WTE
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 11:25:15 GMT
Yes, I've managed to do it.  Getting Struts to work under VAJ 3.5.3 was a
bit of a challenge to say the least.

     You have to be sure that you change the default.servlet_engine file to
point to your new web app and that you create a new directory under the
"default_host" subdirectory and put your new .webapp file there.  This is
what the documentation is trying to tell you to do.

     Other things you have to do to make this work:

     (1) You have to change the Digester to work with the older (pre JAXP)
SAXParser classes.  This turns out to amount to changing only four or five
methods in the class in fairly simple ways.  You have to do this because
you can't replace the IBM parser classes with Xerces since the WTE servlet
engine depends on the IBM parser API.

     (2) You have to add your Struts project to the Servlet Engine
classpath (from the WTE Control panel).

     (3) Your .webapp file has to have the document root and servlet path
point to the same directory to match the directory structure for Struts
(e.g. the standard J2EE webapp structure).

     (4) (I don't know why this is true -- can anyone help here?) You have
to edit the struts-config.dtd file and host it locally to remove the last
couple of lines that define the large icon and small icon elements.  There
is something in the way that they are configured that will screw up the IBM
parser.  Simply commenting out those lines from the DTD makes it work.
BTW -- does anyone know of someone actually using the icon definitions in

     I'm still working on that article for the IBM VisualAge Developer's
Domain on how to make Struts work in VAJ 3.5.2 and VAJ 3.5.3....

Kyle Brown on 04/30/2001 05:12:46 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  Struts and VisualAge 3.5.3 with WTE

Has anybody configured the struts example application
with VisualAge 3.5.3 and the included WTE?
Any problems?

I found the documetation for WTE within VisualAge to be
less than robust.  I can access the default app created by
WTE, but no luck creating a new one.

- Darren.

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