That would be my guess as well.  Take a look at the html source that is being produced and see if there is a charset header, if there isn't copy the source to a static file and add a charset header and try to load it in IE, this should give you your answer.

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From: shunhui zhu []
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: Can not read i18n properties file

Pau, I did a similar test for a chinese version with If I change my browser
language preferences (in IE), I do get the chinese
version, although to display it correctly, I needed to
select chinese encoding in IE's view menu. My guess is
that the response header is not setting the
"Content-language" header or the charset header, but I
haven't looked into it.

--- Sean Pau <> wrote:
> I test creating resource properties file for
> Japanese language. I use
> Windows Notepad and edit and
> save it under UTF-8 and
> Unicode format. Struts could display when the file
> is in UTF-8 format but
> the text came out rubbish. When the file is in
> Unicode format, Struts is not
> reading it, instead it reads the default
> file. Both
> UTF-8 and Unicode format
> files display the Japanese
> text OK when I drag it into IE and also WordPad. Pls
> help. Thanks
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