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From "Aapo Laakkonen" <>
Subject A Few questions about struts and WebSphere
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 18:27:37 GMT
I tried to move my struts app from Visual Age Tomcat Test
Environment to WebSphere.

It works, but not as expected. I have build my app using strut's
template tags and it seem that WebSphere gets confused about
those. It doesn't include template files in correct order and it
gets very messy. Have anyone solved this? Ok maybe I can use
normal includes (not tried yet) or write a batch that flattens those

Secondy WebSphere doesn't like redirects. When I have
specified redirect in my action mapping this is what happens:

http://localhost/app/ has button or link that executes or
not an action and then redirects to that is in same path
as, but instead of getting there WebSphere redirects
browser to http://localhost/app/app/ Where does this
extra app folder came from? I can stop using redirects, but I
don't want to because some of my pages like to do redirect
to empty the populated forms for example.

Then I have question about database pooling. I have used
struts's struts-config.xml to define my data sources and my
action classes use this kind of method to retrieve one:

DataSource ds = (DataSource)servlet.getServletContext()

Now I'd like to start using connection pooling facilities that
WebSphere provides. Can I still use struts-config.xml to
define the datasource that I'd like to retrieve from
WebSphere JNDI, and how? If not then, because I'm very
new to Java and WebSphere, I want to ask,  how do I
replace code sample above to take advantage of WebSphere?


Kind Regards
Aapo Laakkonen

-- Aapo Laakkonen, +358 (50) 33 99 682, ProjectCast Ltd, Helsinki, Finland.

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