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From Aaron O'Hara <>
Subject select list
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:04:54 GMT

I'm familiar with Java, but new to the struts framework and have what is
probably an elementary question.  I'm creating a database-driven application
and on my JSP page I want to populate, amoung many things, a select list.
In options in the select list will be composed of a value which is, usually,
a number and the option text is the the corresponding text (from the
database).  For example, an option tag for an employee select list would
look like:

<option value="23">Bend Over</option>

I don't want the list populated directly from a database query, but from a
Could somebody provide me some assistance with regards to having a select
list being populated using a collection that allows me to specify the
object.method that populates the value and option text?

If there's a better way to solve this problem, I'm open to hear any options.

Thank you,


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