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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: When to store files in DB vs. File system
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:47:34 GMT
I've seen a lot of implementations do this sort of thing, especially
when archive emails and the like.

I've also heard that people find many OS's start to slow down with even
1000 files in a directory, so I believe many such systems use that as an
increment /1/000 - /1/999.

A general piece of good advice is that databases excel at storing
itty-bitty pieces of information, and files systems are good for storing
a larger blocks. If you decouple the actual files from the rest of the
database, you also have the opportunity to centralize that stored on a
machine optimized for that purpose. 

If you need something to index those files, I'd have a look at Lucene

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Darryl Nortje wrote:
> Hi.
> Everyone is going to tell you that you must store it in the database. The
> reason are that in different OS's, there is a limit to how many files you
> can store in each directory. (windows i think is 10000). I was faced with
> this same problem under a time constraint, so never took the time to figure
> out how to store the file directly into the database. So i went the a
> directory storing route. What I did was Create a directory
> root\1\1a\1aa\file.extension like this. Set a limit to the amount of files
> in this directory and when that limit was reached incremented the directory
> name to root\1\1a\1ab etc etc. And then just stored the directory and
> filename in the database and retrieved it like that. I'm pretty sure that
> this is not the correct way to do this sort of thing, but it does work. I
> will be watching this mail to find out how to do it properly.
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> From: Andy Timm []
> Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 9:53 AM
> To:
> Subject: When to store files in DB vs. File system
> Hello, I am developing a webapp where users need to
> store files (<200k).  I am wondering if these should
> be stored in the (mysql) database, or in the file
> system.  I am concerned about the number of files I
> could get in the database (possibility for 20,000+
> users, so 100,000 files).  On the other hand, I plan
> on replicating my database across multiple servers.
> Do I then also replicate the download of each file, or
> run a batch that copies them periodically?  I would
> greatly appreciate advice from anyone who has dealt
> with these design issues.  Thank you, Andrew Timm
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