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From (Andrew Myers)
Subject Design of Business Objects
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 22:45:59 GMT

This is not exactly a question related to Struts as such but it does relate to a Struts application
I'm building. :)

I have a search function that allows users to search for a Property via a street address.
 The business objects I have to support this are a "Property" object and a "PropertySearch"
object.  From my action class I call a method on the PropertySearch object which then will
ultimately return an array of Property objects corresponding to those which match the search

My question is this:

Which object should take responsibility for the population of the Property objects with data
from the database?  It seems much better from an OO viewpoint to be able to pass the primary
key into the constructor of the Property object and then call a helper method to populate
the object.  But this is inefficient if the search returns a large number of results.  Eg.
for 100 results there's 101 database hits (1 to get all the matching primary keys, and then
100 to populate each of the objects in turn).  The other alternative is to have my initial
query return all the data and then have a constructor on the Property object which takes about
25 parameters (ugly and perhaps not very reusable, but more efficient?)

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the best practice is here?


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