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From "Alvin Kutttikkat Antony" <>
Subject Setting a attribute from a page having no html:form ?
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 14:51:19 GMT
I am using a jsp page as template for manipulating the iteration for different user data objects,

so I have to save   the color value each time  getting out from this page to avoid getting
the same color for adjacent lines of a table.
For this I have setter and getter in the bean class and I tryed 

<bean:parameter name="user" id="userParameter"/>
<bean:parameter name="user" id="userParameter"/>
<bean:define id="color" name="<%=userParameter%>" property="color"/>
   <html:hidden name ="user" property="color" value="<%=color%>">

but it is not working through

I tryed  also by

<jsp:setAttribute name ="user" property ="color" value<%=color%>

is there any way to use "pageContext" or by some way else?

any help would be appreciated  

alvin kuttikkat antony
Internet und Virtuelle Hochshule
Universität München

Leopoldstr .3
80802 München

Office Tel + 49.89.21025979
Office Fax + 49.89.21025980

>>> 12/03/01 02:43pm >>>
Hi All,

Though I still have much existing material to read in the STRUTS mailing 
lists (thanks again for your help Jon!), I have come across three 
interesting solutions to dealing with automating or centralizing the 
translation of data from Action Forms (presentation layer) to Value Objects 
(business layer) and back again. Here are the three approaches:

Translation Pattern: 

Using Property Editors: 

Using Code Generation: 

The current one that I have seen referred to in the mailing lists is using 
Reflection (which still may easily solve this in most cases) or some type 
of mapper driven by XML setup info. Here are the mailing list threads that 
I have found on it so far: 
(an answer from Ted related to msg18315) 

Two other related patterns that I have found are the:
View Helper: 
Dynamic Value Object: 

I was curious what people thought of these solutions and what other 
solutions they had come up with.

This is an area that I really want to automate and that I really want to 
have a couple of solutions for (since it could generate a great deal of 
code that I REALLY don't want to have to rework if I find that the solution 
is no good).

Thanks for your thoughts and comments!

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