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From "Yu, Yanhui" <>
Subject RE: Memory consumption of tags
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:20:04 GMT
This is posted a couple of times, hope someone can help me out:

> What I need to do is this:  I would like to display an error message to
> user in a little more customized way, such as, if some special characters
> are not allowed in a field, if they entered any of this special character
> set, (say @#$), I would like to display that "@#$ is not allowed in this
> field".  Also I would like to change the fields where erroneous data exist
> into red, possbly change the font of the erroneous data into a different
> font color.  When the user correct the error,  I want the background of
> field to be original color and font back to original color too.  I would
> also like to focus my cursor in the first erroneous field, if erroneous
> exists, I would like to select that erroneous data.   Can I do that?  How
> I do that?  It seems like Javascript is not welcomed here, so I am looking
> for a solution in Struts.  Hopefully there is a nice way to do this.
> Really appreciate all your time and help,


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