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From Chuck Cavaness <>
Subject Re: Are Vectors in a FormAction set to null after a user has submitted a form?
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 12:51:12 GMT
That's sort of what I was saying. In the second action, the one that is called after the user
sees the form data and makes some choices, does the scope equal to request or session? If
you have both of these actions defined as session scope, then I don't believe a new ActionForm
would be created during the second action. If the mapping is session, then an ActionForm will
be looked for in the session, which should have been put there on the previous action (along
with the Vector data in it still).

However, if the second action is defined as request and the first one is session, then yes
the user entered data would make it to the new ActionForm and the Vector data would be gone
because one would be recycled.

Obviously, this is all a guess. I hope it helps somehow.

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