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From "Farrell, Sarah" <>
Subject Struts "gotchas"
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 16:11:53 GMT
I've run into several Struts "gotchas" while I'm learning/using it for the
first time.  I was wondering if anyone knows of a web reference(s) that
covers some of these?  I've since solved the problems, but if there was some
documentation on some of the most common ones, I might be able to avoid some
in the future.

For example, changing the scope of an action in the struts-config.xml from
request to session has solved a problem or two. :)  Another example is when
I had JSPs located down a directory hierarchy, I had to change the
struts-config.xml action path to reflect that hierarchy. I thought I could
just keep it as the "*.do" name (without the ".do").  Most examples always
have the JSPs at root level.  These are newbee issues, but they did take
some time to figure out.....

Ted, your site, has Struts docs on it right?  What about posting
a sort of "gotcha" FAQ?  I can help you put something together if you want
and I'm sure some people here can contribute on some of the things they've
gotten stuck on and then solved.


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