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Subject Re: is indexed="true" working on Struts 1.0?
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 17:52:09 GMT

no.  nightly build required til 1.1 released.

Dave on 02/01/2002 10:19:35 AM

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Subject:  is indexed="true" working on Struts 1.0?

I have an array of object in myForm, say, users. Each user has a name, a
password ...
I want to put these fields as <html:text name="user" property="name"
indexed="true"/> and can be submited.
Is there any way to do so with Struts 1.0? or I have to use Struts 1.0.1?

I tried it on Struts 1.0 and got an error:

....editUser.jsp(236,5) Attribute indexed invalid according to the specified

Thank you for any help.

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