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Subject Re: CLASSPATH, env, lib, jars and all that
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 16:55:01 GMT
Subject: Re: CLASSPATH, env, lib, jars and all that
From: Vic Cekvenich <>
One thing I do is:
1. Share WebApps folder and map it as say S: drive.

2. Then I put all my JARs in WEB-INF\lib, and put all of them in classpath.

Then, were ever I go, I just map the "S:" drive and ready to go. I can 
ever get to debug other people "S" drives.

Adam Hardy wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm setting up struts to use at home and at work on projects which I take back &
forth, and I want to rationalise the way I set up my progs, java environment, tomcat and all.

> One thing complicating it all, which I'm afraid will trip me up when I start using newer
versions in the future, is all the jar files, often multiple copies of which are held by the
different java installations, e.g. xalan.jar or its classes is in tomcat, j2ee, ant. Or jdbc2.0-stdext.jar.
Even just now when installing Wintec Inc. Struts Validator, it comes with all its own copies.
> Most of this stuff is in J2EE, but somehow I doubt anyone would advise me to put that
in my CLASSPATH, would they?
> So how does Joe Struts organise his/her environment? Do you set up a profile which allows
you to run ant & tomcat and rigorously delete unnecessary jars?
> Or do you just tweak every build.xml you have? Or do you chuck everything in tomcat-4.0.1/common/lib?
> Thanks for the insight :-)
> Adam
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