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From <>
Subject Howto redirect/forward to other webapp with one config file?
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:06:17 GMT
I've read in the list that it's possible to do a forward
with Struts from one WebApp to another. 
But according to the struts-config1_0.dtd, the forward paths
are all relative. 
My question is: have those "forwards" actually been "redirects"
or is it really somehow possible (without using some server bugs)?

Then my next question would be: is there a nice way of doing
a redirect to another webapp on the same server? By "nice" I mean
that the redirect is done by only providing the WebApp path, but
not the server itself? Let's say, I have two servers, a test server
and a production server. My app shall be the same on both servers,
which means that I don't have to say something like

<action  path="/appSwitcher"
  forward name="continue" path="http://mytestserver/OtherApp/do/login" redirect="true"/>


for the testserver, and 

<action  path="/appSwitcher"
  forward name="continue" path="" redirect="true"/>


for the production server.

Thanks for your time,


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